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Convert received raw data from crypto exchange API endpoints into well-formed python dictionaries.

UnicornFy is a side project of UNICORN Binance WebSocket API but can be used with every API that delivers the receives in raw format (as received without changes).

from unicorn_fy.unicorn_fy import UnicornFy

received_stream_data_json = {"stream": "btcusdt@trade",
                             "data": {"e": "trade",
                                      "E": 1556876873656,
                                      "s": "BTCUSDT",
                                      "t": 117727701,
                                      "p": "5786.76000000",
                                      "q": "0.03200500",
                                      "b": 341831847,
                                      "a": 341831876,
                                      "T": 1556876873648,
                                      "m": True,
                                      "M": True}}

unicorn_fied_stream_data = UnicornFy.binance_com_websocket(received_stream_data_json)
{'stream_type': 'btcusdt@trade', 'event_type': 'trade', 'event_time': 1556876873656, 'symbol': 'BTCUSDT', 'trade_id': 117727701, 'price': '5786.76000000', 'quantity': '0.03200500', 'buyer_order_id': 341831847, 'seller_order_id': 341831876, 'trade_time': 1556876873648, 'is_market_maker': True, 'ignore': True, 'unicorn_fied': ['binance', '0.1.0']}

Currently this module has no dependencies.

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Installation and Upgrade

A wheel of the latest release with PIP from PyPI

pip install unicorn-fy --upgrade

From source of the latest release with PIP from Github

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Run in bash:

pip install$(curl -s | grep -oP '"tag_name": "\K(.*)(?=")').tar.gz --upgrade


Use the below command with the version (such as 0.2.0) you determined here:

pip install --upgrade

From the latest source (dev-stage) with PIP from Github

This is not a release version and can not be considered to be stable!

pip install --upgrade


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Receive Notifications

To receive notifications on available updates you can watch the repository on GitHub, write your own script with using unicorn_fy.is_update_availabe() or you use the monitoring API service.

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unicorn_fy is an open source project which welcomes contributions which can be anything from simple documentation fixes to new features. To contribute follow this guide.

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